What are the most important things to consider when planning an office move?

Here's what to keep in mind six months before moving to an office. Review the current lease agreement. Decide the level of coverage for the move. Request at least three moving quotes.

The move is about 30 days away and you have everything in order. As you move forward, you'll want to really focus on staying ahead of the curve. Having a to-do list to relocate an office can help you break things down on a schedule so that you always know what to do next and if you're on track to move on time or not. Set up an area of the office dedicated to moving supplies and give your employees time to start packing their things every week.

You've already completed most of the office relocation checklist, and now you have two weeks left until you move in. Use this office moving checklist to coordinate everything and create a moving calendar that you can follow as you go through this process. Panic sets in when you realize that you have to figure out how to prepare for an office move and organize everything in that shiny new office. We have prepared a checklist that ranges from renewing the lease and choosing one of the best office moving companies to planning the update of access cards and the installation of new telephone systems.

This part of the office relocation checklist mainly concerns the high-level executives of your organization, as well as the human resources and organizational development teams responsible for carrying out the move. I just moved from one office and will be moving to another next month, but I loved your article because I could see if I did everything I needed to do. I enjoyed reading the information you published about some useful guidelines for the office moving service. This section of the checklist for office relocation is very important, because completing these tasks will determine the company's ability to move the office quickly and efficiently.

For example, if in your announcement you assure employees that they will have a complete to-do list before the day of the move, you will have to include a complete list of tasks related to the office move, then you will have to include in your schedule the “to-do and distribute list” as an action item. You've already found a great new office and signed the commercial lease, and now you need an office moving to-do list to help you plan. The costs of removals that offer comprehensive services are usually based on the total weight, so if you have office furniture that you plan to replace, consider selling it or getting rid of it before the move. This section of the office relocation checklist is about communicating your big move to the various stakeholders in the organization.

Encourage managers to develop comprehensive plans to manage workflows throughout the moving process, especially if they have critical deadlines that fit the moving schedule. We know that the process can be overwhelming, so we've compiled a list of things you'll need to consider or consider before moving to another office.